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Yulia Bevzenko

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Hello! My name is Yulia Bevzenko and I'm the manager of Kyiv.

I have a great passion for the city and would love to share my knowledge of traditional Kyiv as well as the secret parts of the city in a light hearted and friendly way. I make sightseeing informative, interesting, fun and entertaining for first time visitors or regular tourists and groups. I like to show my guests the secret Kyiv, the local Kyiv, the trendy Kyiv, the unusual facts of our famous landmarks and the best parts of my beautiful city.

I am an experienced Tour Guide titled "the best guide of Kyiv" in 2017 and also the author of new Kyiv tourist project "Shukai" (Search) which presents in mini-sculptures around Kiev city center all main symbols of Kyiv

I am doing what I love

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A map of the 100 cool places of Kyiv

This isn't just a map. This is my invitation to the walk around Kyiv. I want you to see Kyiv the way I see it.

Download the map for free and walk around Kyiv with pleasure!
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